"The collaboration with Alex was a lovely one. He approached everything very professional, the remarkable photos being proof of that. We thank him and we recommend him to others" Stefania & Valentin

"It was a true pleasure to collaborate, so much so that the final results were above expectations. We first started off with the engagement photos and we soon discovered that it can be really fun and amusing at a photo-shoot. Alex supported us the whole time, he offered us useful pieces of advice, especially since it was our first photo session lead by a professional so we needed that sort of backing. We appreciated that he is a brisk type, his very spontaneous yet relaxed, managing to give us certainty and absolute confidence. Thank you for all the memorable photos and for all the hard work." Andreea & Sam

"Not only the pictures are gorgeous, and pleasant working atmosphere and how that day turned into a beautiful memory for us. Thank you for everything and we look forward to continuing the great. "/" Even if we are easily bullied in front of the camera, Alex has managed to get rid of shyness, stress or fatigue, and so we had the most successful photo shoot. And in the morning, at the party after the wedding, we joined the dance demonstrating that the professionalism of all the time does not require proof of rigidity. To sum up the whole experience photos - as magazine photographer - as an old friend. Bravo Alex, thank you!" Andra & Andrei

From the first meeting with Alex we realized that what he was looking for. We liked it before you shoot wedding, we met to know us better and to establish a "theme" that would capture some of the great our hobbies. For us it was stressful wedding day, and you owe it to Alex for making it all flows naturally to shoot, coming up with original ideas for using accessories, proof being acclaimed album wedding of friends and acquaintances . Thanks for the great pictures we will always remember the joy we experienced a wedding! Much continued success!